Pursuing Dreams Leads to Life Engagement

19 10 2012

Henry David Thoreau encourages us to ‘go confidently in the direction of our dreams and live the life we’ve imagined’.  To my knowledge there are no caveats to this statement.  There is no time frame. There is no age limit, nor is there any limitation to quantity or quality for that matter.  The opportunity and option to dream is limitless.   Therefore I propose that the pursuing of dreams lives on into ones 70’s 80’s, 90’s and even into the days, months and years of centurians!

For as long as one is ‘alive’ and communing on this earth, dreams are to be dreamed and pursued. My thesis:  Pursuing dreams leads to life engagement.  It is for this belief that ‘Dreams Take Flight’ was commenced at the LTC facility I work. For me,  a ‘Pollyanna’ at heart anything is possible and a personal mission to believe that dreams could come true for my residents.  So there in 2011, I set about to create a ‘dreams come true’ nursing home week.  In its perliminary months prior to May’s Older Americans Month, I began posting flyers with this question, ” What do you wish for when you wish upon a star?”  It was my hope to prime the pump so to speak.  I sent around staff and volunteers to begin asking the quesitons, “What do you wish for? ”  “What is your dream?”  The answers trickled in…”World Peace” ,  “Lots of icecream.” “To have my husband back.”  “To walk again.”  and even more disappointing to me…” Nothing.”  “I’ve lived my life, there is nothing more I need.”

I suppose for conversational purposes, these answers might do, but I was looking for something I could sink my teeth into.  I was looking for a challenge-  dreams that we could make come true.

Stay tuned…for further posts on our journey of pursuing dreams.




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