A Thousand Mile Journey Begins With a Single Step…. Chinese proverb

7 01 2013

And so the dream ideas were trickling in from a hamburger at the local Nitty Gritty -just one more time, to ‘a decent home cooked kosher mealtogetting together with the quilting gals”  to…”I would like to go sailing….”    

When Ann told me she would like to go sailing, I nearly jumped up from my chair and hand pumped… “YES!”.   In my mind I was thinking, “a dream I could finally sink my teeth into!”  I wasn’t quite sure where to start but I knew we were up for the challenge.  With my list of ‘dreams/wishes’ in hand, I enlisted the help of a very capable volunteer named Judy.  I handed her the roster and she began her task of research and investigation. 

For Delle and the Quilter’s reunion, she had the blue, worn booklet of Mad Quilters’ Contact information. For Lillian there was Google and it’s  stream of ‘Kosher’ restaurants and caterers. For Ann we needed to find wheel chair/handicapped accessible sailing equipment.

We had a few dreams, some gumption, and the belief that anything was possible.

My goal was to present these dreams to residents in the form of boarding passes to fit with our theme of “Dreams Take Flight!” for Nursing Home week 2011.  We knew that we wouldn’t necessarily have the dreams taking place that week but we did want to make the presentation.

In my heart I knew this was something I wanted to pursue, but I was perplexed by why it was so difficult for our residents to clarify their dreams and desires.  None-the-less, the plane was on the run way and I was anxious for take off.




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